Al Cantello Jr. Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Al, with the 4 boys from his local Kent Island
program who traveled to England with the 2009
team.  Both the U13 and the U15 that Al
coached went undefeated.
Al with son Charlie
in England at
Manchester United
Al, in England on day trips with his team and
2009 U15 England
Team.   Al said this
was one of the best
things he ever did
in his entire life.  He
cared so much
about these boys.
2006 U13 Boys team.  This
was such a learning year for
both the players and
coaches.  After winning
everything in previous years,
the decision was made to
play the boys up 1 year and
this team lost every regular
season game.  We learned
a lot that season and it paid
off as we won the U13
Beach Tournament that
This was one of Al's favorite
pictures.  This is a group of 8
year olds after a 'dog fight' and
a  4-3 semi-final loss in a post
season  tournament in
Baltimore Md.  This was such
a special group of kids.  These
kids are all Sophomores and
Juniors in High School in
2011.  Two are committed Div I
recruits and it's likely that 6 of
these kids will play Div I
Lacrosse and as many as 9
will play in college somewhere.
The link below is a quick video of Al's U15
Shoreboys team winning the Hogan Lax
2008 All Met Challenge at Georgetown Prep.  

Definitely a great day!
University of Delaware
1984 NCAA
tournament team,  Al
was a proud
member.  This plaque
is on display in the
Univ of Delaware
compliments of David