Al Cantello Jr. Memorial
Scholarship Fund

        “The lacrosse community is a small community and this
sport like no other sport, creates friends for life. “
                          Al Cantello Jr.
On July 18, 2010, Al Cantello Jr. tragically lost his life in a boating accident.   He is
survived by his wife Nancy, sons Charlie and Sam, and hundreds of others who he
met and mentored in the great game of lacrosse.   

Al so much loved this game; he played starting at the youth level, through High
School and Division 1 at the University of Delaware.    

Where Al really made an impact was coaching at the youth level.  He started in 2001
when Charlie was just 7 years old.  After one season he was hooked and continued
to coach Charlie’s teams with Kent Island Youth Lacrosse organization.   

The Kent Island Youth Lacrosse program, which plays in the Anne Arundel County
Recreation League, one of the most competitive leagues in the country.  To this day,
Al is  the only Kent Island coach to lead his team to the “A” level county
championship game in back to back years.  

Al was also co-founder and coach of the Shore Boys Lacrosse Club and served as
Vice President in the Kent Island Youth Lacrosse Association.  In 2009 Al helped
coach the U15 Anne Arundel Youth Lacrosse team that traveled to England and
competed against a several teams in the Manchester area in a exchange of
friendship through the game of lacrosse.

Al had tremendous passion for the game and the kids in the local community.  He
was truly admired and loved in the community and many of the kids felt he was a
friend more than a coach.  

Therefore members of the local community formed “Friends of Al” and decided to
keep Al’s legacy alive through the Al Cantello Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.  

Each year graduates of Kent Island  High School, who plan to continue to play
lacrosse in college at any level, and who show the passion and desire to succeed
can receive a scholarship in honor of Al Cantello Jr.

We know Al would approve as there was nothing more important than seeing the
youth of the community grow and succeed.  
Contributions can be
mailed to:
Al Cantello Jr
Scholarship Fund
411 Annette Ave.
Stevensville Md
Join us for Al's Run (6th Annual) to be held on Sunday,  
ctober 16th at 8:30 am at Anne Arundel Community College.
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